Go and make disciples of all nations

GraceWay supports 17 missionaries, each working tirelessly to fulfill the Lord's great commission.  We encourage you to explore where these faithful men and and women are serving and to reach out to them with words of encouragement and prayer.

  • South America

    Dr. David Hard / Latin America

    Mission: SALT

    email: dhard@saltleadership.org

  • Africa

    Dale McCaulley / West Africa

    Mission: The Timothy Initiative

    email: dale@ttionline.org

  • Europe

    Dan and Rachel Zuch / Austria

    Mission: TEAM

    email: drzuch@gmail.com

    Bill and Kristie Campbell / France

    Mission: Antioch Int'l Movement of Churches

    email: campbells@epicentrechurch.org

    Dale and Avril Fries / Scotland

    Mission: Biblical Ministries Worldwide

    email: dadfries@gmail.com

    Joel & Mallory Lunetta/Italy

    Mission: GReater Europe Mission

    email: joel.lunetta@gemission.org

  • Asia

    Confidential / South East Asia

    Mission: Ethnos360

    email: global.nomads2@gmail.com

    Jim and Diane Larkin / Indonesia (Retired)

    Mission: Crossworld

    Marjorie Montgomery / Pakistan (Retired)

    Mission: TEAM

  • North America

    Shane and Karen Whatley / Canada

    Mission: Ethnos Canada

    email:  shanewhatley@ethnos.ca

    Hugh and Becky Paterson / Oregon

    Mission: Wycliff Bible Translations

    email: beckydpaterson@gmail.com

    Dominic and Elaine Gonino / Utah

    Mission: Biblical Ministries Worldwide

    email: dgonino@biblicalministries.org

    Bob and Val Hultslander / Los Angeles

    Mission: Biblical Ministries Worldwide

    email: vhults@gmail.com

  • Local

    Tom and Lorna Simcox / New Jersey

    Mission: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

    email: tsimcox@foi.org / lsimcox@foi.org

    Gary and Sharon Goodrow / Delaware

    Mission: AWANA

    email: garyg@awana.org

    Erik Lydick / New Jersey

    Mission: Restoring Hearts Ministry

    email: erik@restoringhearts.org

    Jordan and Esther Rofe

    Mission: New Life Island

    email: jrofe27@gmail.com

    Supported Organizations:

    Child Evangelical Fellowship


    Cairn University

    Intervarsity (MCCC)

    America's Keswick