North America


Shane & KAren Whatley

Shane & KAren

Ethnos works among people groups who have had little or no access to the Bible. Shane & Karen are part of a team of trainers in Southern Ontario at the Ethnos Canada campus, equipping some of the world’s least-reached people groups to lead their own churches, provide basic medical care and literacy instruction. Shane’s main responsibilities are teaching and administration, while Karen is a full-time administrator. Together they are part of the discipleship program, assist in the six-week Jungle Camp practicum, and the mission’s awareness program called “Off the Grid”.


Hugh and Becky PAterson

Hugh and Becky

Hugh and Becky’s ministry deals with enabling translators with skills and knowledge to see the Word of God reach the nations. Hugh works with the international training office to make language training materials available to translators, researchers, and language development workers. Becky supports translation projects in Nigeria as a linguist by analyzing language data, writing grammatical descriptions, and assisting others with their linguistic descriptions. She is also training to be a linguistics consultant. Though currently located in the US, they make trips to Nigeria as financially possible. 


Dominic & Elaine Gonino

Dominic & Elaine

Dominic and Elaine have served with BMW since 1982. Their primary ministry has involved church planting amongst the Mormons (also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in Idaho and Utah. They have served in several different locations in the church planting efforts on the field. Since 1996 Dominic has also served as the field leader by leading the church planting team in Mormon land before stepping in as area director in 2005. He is presently still pastoring the church that he most recently planted in Liberty, Utah. As area director, he oversees the various ministries within the continental United States which involves caring for 46 missionary families. The Gonino’s ministry now involves much travel in order to represent the needs in missions in various settings such as mission conferences and on college campuses. Dominic and Elaine have two grown children.

Los Angeles

Bob & VAl Hultslander

Bob & VAl

Bob & Val have served over 20 years with Biblical Ministries Worldwide, ministering to the deaf & deaf-blind community at Commission on Compassion in Los Angeles, CA  Their ministry includes leading chapel worship, Bible studies, overseeing dining/kitchen facilities, sign language interpretation (each resident requires his/her own interpreter), discipleship and personal counseling.. Bob is is also head of maintenance and apartments, while Val is responsible for hospitality and working with residents’ “in home” needs. Both teach sign language classes. The relationships they develop provide a bridge to sharing the Gospel to the unsaved as well as  encouragement and discipleship to those who are saved.

Bob & Val have two adult children and four grandchildren.


Harold Summers

Harold Summers

Harold serves as Church Ministries Representative with the Friends Of Israel Gospel Ministry in Tampa, Florida.  Harold is dedicated to proclaiming biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while building relationships with the Jewish community. Harold speaks at missions and Bible conferences and teaches Bible prophecy. He also shares God’s love for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel with both Christians and Jewish people. He is also  involved in yearly teaching and outreach programs in central and northern Florida. He and his wife, Carol, have been with The Friends of Israel since 2008.