GraceWay Bible Church exists to glorify God by impacting our community for Jesus Christ through a consistent walk under the control of the Holy Spirit which produces stimulating worship, motivating discipleship, and relevant evangelism.

Our beliefs


God is the very definition of existence, power, righteousness, and love. He is the Creator of all things that are and, therefore, all things owe their allegiance to Him. He exists as three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is God the Son Who has taken on full humanity by being born from a human woman. Through His perfect life and His death on the cross, He has satisfied the wrath of God against the human race and, therefore, is able to offer freedom from the penalties men and women have incurred. 

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the person of God who actually resides in each person who embraces faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit provides spiritual guidance, understanding, and supernatural abilities to serve God and express His love in the world. 

The Church

The Church is God's instrument for accomplishing His purposes in the world, mainly, the communication of His love and truth to the world. Each person who embraces faith in Jesus Christ becomes part of the Church and plays a vital role in its mission. 

The Human Race

The human race was created by God to be in relationship with Him, to worship Him, and to enjoy the blessings of His love. The human race, however, has rebelled against God, has offended His sense of justice, and, therefore, has incurred His wrath. All of us stand condemned before God for the sins we have each committed. 

the Bible

This group of sacred writings, called the Bible, has been given to the human race by God Himself so that we would know Who He is, what He has done, and why we have been made. Therefore, it is reliable in every way and is our main source for truth about God and about our world. By studying the Bible, a person can deepen his or her understanding of, and relationship with, God.