Grace Groups & Bible Studies

If you are looking to you dig deeper into God’s word, you should consider one of our Grace Groups or Bible which meet throughout the week   With groups gathering at various times in Lawrence, Hamilton, and Columbus, there is one that is convenient and near you.  

You can contact the office here for details on any of these groups.

For a complete list of all adult ministries and contact information,  click here.


There are always opportunities for your family to part of the church.  Whether it’s family worship or serving , there are always chances to be together.   Check out our service pages or you can contact the office here for details on these or any other ministries.


Everyone is part of church life. If you are looking to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ, you might want to consider our Roots or FOCAS groups.  Whether you’ve never been married, are divorced or widowed, there is a place for you to connect.

Roots (18-25ish): Jeff Limato
FOCAS (over 50): Kathy Brewer