Teaching Pastor

The Board of Elders is pleased to present Dr. Scott Turansky as the new teaching pastor of GraceWay Bible Church

Dr. Scott Turansky

Go to the videos below to get to know Scott, his wife Carrie and his thoughts about the Bible. 

Click here for a copy of Scott's resume.


What will happen to Pastor Scott's current church, Calvary Chapel Living Hope?

When Pastor Scott makes the move to GraceWay on 5/1, Calvary Chapel Living Hope as an organization will shut down. We invite the people of Calvary Chapel Living Hope to come to GraceWay. We expect many will come immediately, others may come later, some may not come at all. For those who come, we want to embrace them the same way we would any other visitors. We want to get to know them and we want them to get to know us. Many of the folks are used to serving on Sunday morning. Some have already expressed interest in greeting, helping in nursery, teaching Sunday School, or serving in other ways. We will encourage them to embrace us as their new family and get involved. Calvary Chapel people interested in becoming members will go through the same process that others go through here at GraceWay. Recent attendance at Calvary Chapel has been 50-60 adults, youth, and children on Sunday Morning. Although it might feel a bit overwhelming to have 50 new faces walk through the door, we pray that our combined efforts will be able to have an even stronger witness to our community.