Adult Class List

Check out the classes offered on Wednesday Nights from June 15 - August 3, 2022. Worship will start at 6:45pm and classes will run from 7-8:15pm

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  • Something Needs to Change

    Come along on both the adventure of the trek, as well as the adventure of seeking answers to tough questions like "Where is God in the middle of suffering?" "What makes my religion any better than someone else's ?" and "What do I believe about eternal suffering?"  This series presents an irresistible message about what it means to give your life for the Gospel -- to finally stop talking about faith and truly start living it. 

  • Battle Plan for Prayer

    Develop a deeper walk with God as you seek the Lord for your battles first. The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible Study equips believers to create their own prayer strategy and be specific and strategic in prayer. This study features teaching by Alex and Stephen Kendrick on the topics of: what prayer is and is not, why God wants us to pray, specific areas of prayer, specific strategies for prayer, and more. 

  • Complement

    Does your marriage feel stuck in a rut? Do you feel like you and your spouse are never on the same team? Do you want a flourishing and vibrant marriage that reflects the gospel? Complement shines a compelling light on the beauty of marriage as God intends it. Through biblical teaching, storytelling, and real-life examples, Jamie and Aaron Ivey dismantle the distorted cultural views of submission, servanthood, and leadership within a marriage and offer a better view of healthy, godly marriage. In this study, participants will walk through the purpose of marriage as the Scripture relates it and tackle topics such as family mission, sex, leadership, fighting, and forgiveness. Because marriage is meant to not only give life and hope to both husband and wife, but also point the world to Christ.

  • Romans 8

    Have you ever thought your life is beyond repair or wondered if God could use your brokenness for good? We all tend to look and search for purpose in our pain and suffering. In this Bible study, Noe Garcia takes participants on a journey through Romans 8, which many scholars believe is the greatest chapter in the Bible. Noe shares his life story and experiences of abuse, depression, and overwhelming hopelessness. He reveals how God redeemed, repaired, and restored him. Through Romans 8, he'll help you understand Christ's transformative power to repurpose hurt and brokenness for your good and His glory.

  • The Problem of God

    The Problem of God video study is presented by a skeptic who became a Christian and then a pastor, all while exploring answers to the most difficult questions raised against Christianity. Mark Clark grew up in an atheistic home, and after his father's death, began a skeptical search for truth through exploring science, philosophy, and history, asking the big questions of life, and eventually finding answers in Christianity. In a disarming, winsome, and persuasive way, The Problem of God video study responds questions people raise against God, and Christianity.

  • The Power of KNowing God

    This will be a Zoom Class that will meet on THURSDAYS at 6pm. 

    In  The Power of Knowing God, Tony Evans provides a strategy for living victoriously as a child of God, and equips you with the right tools for success in pursuing a personal and authentic relationship with the Savior. Develop the kind of relationship that goes beyond intellectual knowledge, emotions, and actions as you cultivate a more heartfelt closeness to God, experience the power of His presence and connect in an abiding relationship with Jesus. Led by Ben Varnum