Music at GraceWay

GraceWay's music ministry exists:

  • to proclaim the greatness of God;
  • to make known His truth and all that He has accomplished;
  • to open our hearts to the love of God;
  • to devote the will to the purpose of God; and
  • to unite the church body in worship of God.

GraceWay's music ministry requirements:

  • You must have a desire and passion to use your musical talent to bring glory to God.
  • You must audition formally with our music director.
  • You must share a personal testimony with both our music director and director of the group you join. Our Worship Leader is Sean McLaughlin and you may contact him at

GraceWay's music ministries:

  • PB&J Puppet Team
  • Drama Team
  • Mighty Men
  • Ladies Trio
  • Special Music Singers
  • Adult Choir
  • Senior High Girls Music Ensemble
  • Junior High Singers
  • Young Voices
  • Cherub Choir
  • Hymn Leaders
  • Worship Team
  • Piano and Organ Players