We want to reach into the world and share Christ! One way we do this is by supporting

men and women who take the message of Jesus and share it locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our missionaries are important to us. Why not take some time to get to know them?!

  • Jim & Diane Larkin

    Served with Crossworld (Retired)

    Jim & Diane served in Lampung, Sumatra in Indonesia for over 35 years, and although they are retired, they are still invited to that area to share their wisdom and encourage those continuing the ministry there.

    Jim & Diane have four grown children and twelve grandchildren. Jim currently serves in the adult and visitation ministry at his church.

  • Bob & Val Hultslander

    Serving with Biblical Ministries Worldwide in Los Angeles

    Bob and Val Hultslander have two children, Nathanael and Naomi, who are now grown, married, and raising their own families. They have been with Biblical Ministries Worldwide for over 20 years.

    From 1993 to 2002 they served as church planters in Chihuahua, Mexico. Since 2002 they have served in Los Angeles, CA in a BMW ministry to deaf and deaf-blind individuals. The place of their ministry is called Commission on Compassion. It is an apartment complex with 34 units, which are rented to deaf and deaf-blind. At present, they have 16 deaf-blind residents and 8 deaf. Seven BMW missionaries staff this ministry and live in rented apartments in the same complex. On property they have a chapel, which is used on Sunday for church, a dining room, and a commercial kitchen for evening meals. Part of their ministry includes being sign language interpreters and drivers/guides to assist residents. On Sundays they interpret in the church service. Each deaf-blind person requires his own interpreter.

    Bob & Val also offer discipleship, counseling, and personal Bible studies to the residents. Bob & Val stay very busy with this ministry! Bob is head of maintenance on the buildings, grounds, and inside apartments. He preaches once a month in church and is responsible for work teams that help. Bob also heads up a Spanish adult Bible study in a local church. Val's responsibilities include: hospitality as she and Bob house the groups that come, working with the residents with their "in home" needs such as cleaning, baking, cooking, etc., and helping in both the office and dining room. God has also given them opportunities to teach sign language classes. Their overall vision for this ministry is to see God work through the relationships they have opportunity to establish with both the saved and the unsaved deaf and deaf-blind that live in the complex. These relationships become a bridge whereby the gospel can be shared to the unsaved and encourage and disciple those who are saved.

  • David (Chip) & Karen Hard

    Serving with SALT Ministries

    Dr. David Hard was born and raised in southern California where he graduated from Biola University in 1977. He then spent eight years in the US Navy before leaving naval service to enter seminary training at Capital Bible Seminary in the Washington DC area. After receiving his M. Div. degree in 1988, he then spent the next four years in pastoral ministry where he continued his education by enrolling in the PhD program at Westminster Theological Seminary (graduated in 1997). Then in 1992, he became a professor at Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia Biblical University) where he taught for 21 years. He taught courses including Church History, New Testament, Theology, and Greek to hundreds of students. In addition to his teaching ministry, Dr. Hard continued to be involved in pastoral ministry serving as interim pastor to six different churches over the years.

    Dr. Hard loves to travel and has lead several study-tours to Europe that focused on the history of the Reformation and has made numerous trips to teach overseas to Kiev, Ukraine; Chisinau, Moldova; Hong Kong, China; and Tanzania, Africa. David is married to his lovely wife Karen and they have three grown sons. The Hard family is based here in the Northeast USA, where his wife Karen is employed as a teacher in Perth Amboy, NJ.

    Since 2013 David has been a missionary with SALT Leadership, a mission that is focused on providing leadership training and a mobile seminary program for church leaders in the Latin world. In the past, the ministry was focused exclusively in South America but has now branched out into other Latin cultures around the globe. Dr. Hard serves as a professor for the organization travelling extensively and teaching classes throughout South America as well as serving on the board of directors of the mission and providing administrative support for the academic program.

  • Dale & Avril Fries

    Serving with Biblical Ministries Worldwide in Scotland

    Dale & Av serve in the town of Kilmarnock, located on the west coast of Scotland, as church planters. Dale is also the Area Director for Europe for their mission board: Biblical Ministries Worldwide which they have served under for over 25 years. Prior to ministering in Scotland, they ministered in South Africa where they raised their five children. They are overjoyed that three of their five children and spouses are pursuing full-time ministry which means they will be scattered around the world! The Fries’ present ministry involves encouraging, equipping, and enlisting missionaries in, and for, Europe. At the same time, the Lord has allowed them to see a new church established in Kilmarnock. Their focus is to see local churches established by building more (through evangelism) and better (through discipleship, counseling, and leadership training) disciples for the glory of God.

  • Dominic & Elaine Gonino

    Serving with Biblical Ministries Worldwide in Utah

    Dominic and Elaine have served with BMW since 1982. Their primary ministry has involved church planting amongst the Mormons (also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in Idaho and Utah. They have served in several different locations in the church planting efforts on the field. Since 1996 Dominic has also served as the field leader by leading the church planting team in Mormon land before stepping in as area director in 2005. He is presently still pastoring the church that he most recently planted in Liberty, Utah. As area director, he oversees the various ministries within the continental United States which involves caring for 46 missionary families. The Gonino's ministry now involves much travel in order to represent the needs in missions in various settings such as mission conferences and on college campuses. Dominic and Elaine have two grown children.

  • Bill & Kristie Campbell

    Serving with Greater Eurpose Mission in Paris, France

      Bill & Kristie have been serving with Antioch Int'l Movement of Churches, in Paris, France. They have been blessed with five children, four daughters and one son. The Campbell’s ministry involves evangelizing those in the community in which they serve. Their desire is to disciple those who come to Christ and teach these men and women to lead others to Christ as well. Another large part of their ministry is planting churches.

  • Doug & Nancy BERGLUND

    Serving in Asia Pacific

    Doug & Nancy have had the privilege of serving in discipleship and church development in Asia Pacific. If you would like more information on their ministry, they would be happy to hear from you. E-mail them at global.nomads@icloud.com.



    .Gary and Sharon serve as our Northeast USA AWANA Missionaries

    to reach children and youth with the gospel. They introduce churches to Awana and then train them in how to run an effective children's/youth ministry focusing on the tools Awana provides. They then continue to provide on-going advanced training to help them continue to grow in their leadership abilities. 

  • Dale Young & Foster Tre

    serving with Intervarsity

    Serving with InterVarsity at Mercer County Community College in Hamilton, NJ

  • Marjorie Montgomery

    Served with TEAM (Retired)

    Marjorie retired after faithfully serving as a missionary teacher for 34 years. She worked in Pakistan along with her sister, Rosemary Stewart. Both served with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). Marjorie has one daughter and several grandchildren. After retiring, she settled in the greater Philadelphia area.

  • Hugh & Becky Paterson

    Serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in OREGON

    Hugh and Becky's ministry deals with enabling translators with skills and knowledge to see the Word of God reach the nations. Hugh works with the international training office to make language training materials available to translators, researchers, and language development workers. Becky supports translation projects in Nigeria as a linguist by analyzing language data, writing grammatical descriptions, and assisting others with their linguistic descriptions. She is also training to be a linguistics consultant. Though currently located in the US, they make trips to Nigeria as financially possible.

  • Tom & Lorna Simcox

    Serving in the United States

  • Shane & Karen Whatley

    serving with ETHNOS Canada

    Shane and Karen are part of a team of trainers, using their on-field experience to help train people God has raised to plant churches around the world, in Southern Ontario at the Ethnos Canada campus. Shane’s main responsibilities are teaching and administration, and Karen is a full-time administrator. Together they are part of the discipleship program, assist in the six-week summer Jungle Camp practicum, and the mission’s awareness program called "Off the Grid." 

  • Dan & Rachel Zuch

    Serving with TEAM in Austria

    Dan and Rachel Zuch arrived in Austria in September 1989 as church planters with (at the time) two children, Charissa, who was eight and Richard, who was three. Austria becme home for them, and they added one more son to the mix, Michael, after being there for four years. Their children are now grown and are living in the States.

    Following their initial years, Dan and Rachel became part of a church start that was sent out by the church with which they were doing their internship. They worked together with 10 other people to help start a church in a section of Vienna of over 200,000 people where there was (at that time) no other "free" churches. They have seen the Beheimgasse Baptist church grow and expand and it now has the capability and strength to be a light and reach out to the community around them. One outworking has been the ministry of Herzwerk (Heart Works) that reaches out to people in prostitution and victims of trafficking.

    Dan is the TEAM Austria ministry area leader while Rachel is a founder and chairperson for Herzwerk (Heart Works), a ministry initiative that reaches out to people in prostitution and victims of sex trafficking. Both Dan and Rachel are church planters/developers, currently working in the Beheimgasse Baptist Church in Vienna's 17th district.